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Using up-to-date software programs we are making 3D Solid Model,Designing ,Technical Drawing and Project Planning. Following the completition of designing process we are starting production process of designed machines with our expert and experienced team at our factories and workshops which contains wide machine parks.

We are giving service to you with our factories below;


Ümraniye/İSTANBUL     3000 m2 indoor factory

Gebze/İSTANBUL            3000 m2 indoor factory

BURSA                               1000 m2 indoor factory

ESKİŞEHİR                       1000 m2 indoor factory



We are giving services such as project,system and machine adaptation,commissioning, installation and calibrations,spare parts supply or production with our expert and experienced team.


ozproje imalat

*Solidworks resmi tema fotografıdır.


Engineering Services for Machine, Process, System and Projects

Construction of 3D design and modeling of the system


Material selection,

Creation of material lists,

Creation of material specs


Required analysis and calculations,

CAD(Computer Aided Design), CAE(Computer Aided Engineer) ,

HAD-CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics),

FEA (Finite Element Analysis)


Static and dynamic analysis, strength calculation

Creation of manufacturing drawings

Machine Design, Industrial Design, Manufacturing and Detailed Technical Drawing Services


Drawing of your products according to international technical drawing standards


Making necessary drawings and technical calculations for mold making for casting production


In addition to the drawings, we can make a glass in the direction of your request

Preparation of solid models in formats and techniques that are compatible with 3D printer for 3D printer manufacturing

Assembly, sub-assembly and item detailing and numbering

To prepare detailed letterhead for assembly and parts

Drawings and design for your catalog and brochures

Preparing exploded isometric assembly drawings

Reverse engineering (technical drawing and modeling service for companies who want to improve existing product or machine, need productive drawing or 3D model for production)

2D to 3D modeling service and creation of animation video

Realistic Render (Creating a realistic look with computer for your project)

To make mechanical, sanitary installations, static project drawings and calculations effectively

Construction projects, natural gas, ventilation systems, fire system related projecting and detail drawings

Services for your R & D work

Required technical translations and explanations about your international studies

Project detailing services for solar platform, pressure tank, compressor house and similar systems

Determination of material requirements for steel constructions, work on measurements (sheet, profile, fasteners, machining, insulation materials)

Selection of machining methods, drawing of cost comparisons and details

We are a cost-effective, high-quality solution partner for all technical and commercial issues you may need in all areas of design, construction, energy and industry, where you can think of solutions, consulting services and knowledge management.

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